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Tea & Coffee

We have great selling experience for many decades. We have great garden tea at very reasonable price. Which Black tea is the healthiest?

Assam CTC Chai ( Crush Tear Curl) is a process of deriving strong full bodied chai from soft and nascent tea leaves. CTC is most common household tea used in India as more than 80% of Indians consume CTC chai. CTC more often comes from different regions of assam and nilgiri hills.

Darjeeling Leaf (Oolong) Tea
: Darjeeling Tea as the name suggests comes from a beautiful place in north east region of India. Under the graceful and majestic watch of Mt. Kanchanjunga, Darjeeling the queen of hills, holds the nectar of finest teas in the world and is rightly called Champagne of Teas.  Darjeeling tea became the first Indian product to receive a GI (geographical identification) Tag. Darjeeling Oolong is a process of manufacturing tea where unlike most Indian teas small-leaved Chinese variety of leaf is used. It is an age old tradition still kept intact well by few gardens and enjoyed by tea connoisseurs all around the globe.

Black TEA (Natural & Organic):
With rich industry experience, we are involved in offering a wide range of Black Tea. The offered tea is processed by our skilled professionals using premium quality tea leaves and the latest technology in line with the set industry standards. Apart from this, provided tea is highly praised for its aroma and high purity. We offer this tea in variegated packaging options to meet the requirements of our clients.

Green Tea comes from the same tea bush Camelia Sinusis as all other teas. It is less processed or less oxidized and hence it retains numerous health benefits including weight management. Green tea is rich in polyphenols that makes it a great anti-oxidant. These anti-oxidants have a powerful effect on your body in improving brain functions, weight loss, lowering risk of cancer, lowering ill-effects of pollution and many more.

White Tea is comes from the same bush camellia sinensis from which all other tea leaves are produced. The biggest difference on White Tea and all other teas is that it is least processed and hence is least oxidised which helps in retaining all the health benefits. White Tea is high in Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and other anti-oxidants without caffeine which makes it is one of the best health drink. Many health benefits of Whit Tea include fighting cancers, slowing down the ageing effect managing weight improving eye sight to name a few.


Is coffee good for your health? Which is better tea or coffee?
All grades of washed and un-washed Arabicas and Robustas and Monsooned Coffees.

Black Coffee – Coffee served straight from the carafe after brewing without adding anything to it to alter the flavor. Here’s why you should try it.

Coffee with Sugar and/or Milk – Coffee brewed much like black coffee only after brewing is complete dairy such as cream or milk and sugar or an artificial sweetener is added to alter the flavor.

  • Major Arabica producing regions include Anamalais, Bababudangiris, Biligiris, Araku Valley, Brahmaputra, Shevaroys, and Pulneys.
  • Major Robusta producing regions include Wayanaad (largest producer of Robusta) and Travancore.
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