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Perfume & Fragrance

Perfume or fragrance
Perfume or fragrance as it is rightly called is a blend of fragrant oils, aroma compounds and fixatives to produce a pleasant and soothing scent for humans and other living objects.
Floral fragrances are said to cover the largest category of the different types of perfumes which draw inspiration from different sweet smelling flowers like roses, jasmine, orange blossoms, gardenias and carnations amongst others.
Citrus fragrances are derived from lime, lemon, tangerine and mandarin; and some can feature real sharp tangy notes. Citrus fragrances also tend to give a naturally refreshing feeling and are perfect for use during the daytime. 
Oriental perfumes are a mix of earthy and musky fragrances. Ingredients like amber, musk, and animalistic base scents are often seen in Oriental perfumes
Green fragrances are known to be very good choices for daytime casual events, as they offer scents of fresh leaves and newly mown grass. Green fragrances are known to be sporty and in most cases tend to be unisex perfumes.
These types of perfumes pack in those kitchen smells like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, pepper and more
A combination of wood and moss is the main theme of these Woody fragrances, and are most commonly referred as chypre fragrances. The predominant use of oak moss, citrus, patchouli, bergamont as well as sweet earthy aromas help in creating a very soothing perfume.
Fruity smells are also very pleasant and largely popular due to their sweetness. They have a blend of spicy and fruity notes which help make these ideal for usual dates and romantic outings. These include smells like apple, berry, mango, peach and other juicy fruits or possibly the essence of these fruits..

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