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Hand Sanitizer

Follow Some Guidelines, While buying Hand Santizier


FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer. Made with 72% Alcohol. Can ward off Germs and Bacteria.
Cooling purifying gel which can eliminate germs on the skin that could cause unexpected weakness.
With this no flush hand chemical, you don’t have to wash your hands by any stretch of the imagination, and you can utilize it in a hurry! Even better, it won’t leave a clingy or tasteless buildup like other hand sanitizers.
Made with fixings to improve skin wellbeing and cleanliness and contains antimicrobial impact.
Delicate and non-bothering, doesn’t hurt the skin, has water-holding and saturating capacity.

INGREDIANTS : Iso Propyl Alcohol ( 70 % ) , Aqua , Glycerin , Aloevera   , Vitamin E , Phenothethanol , Lemon essential oil.


Safe : It is Super Smooth and Natural formula that is completely safe for the skin of your hand.
 Effective : This advance formula removes all the dirt, germs, bacteria and other viruses from your hand .It provide defensive shield & provide defensive shield.
Moisturizing : The natural extract used in the hand sanitizer keep your hand moisturize ,clean & soft.


Do not let it come in contact with your eyes as it may cause severe irritation. Rinse your eyes with cold water immediately if the solution touches eye accidently. Do not let kids and pets handle the bottle as they might consume or drop the solution. Remember that solution is for external cleaning of hand only . Do not use it for cleaning sensitive part of body like Nose, eyes, ears etc.